How do I transfer JVC camcorder video to PC or Mac

Have recorded couples of footages on your JVC camcorder, you may can’t wait to rush home to put these clips on your computer. For the first time, you may read through the instruction and connect USB cable to copy files on computer. However, there are only still image be transferred. How about shot clips?

I found lots of JVC camcorder owners have such hassle of transfer shots from camcorder to computer with Windows or Mac OS.

Before putting video from JVC camcorder on PC or Mac, you should connect your camcorder to your computer. (Insert the USB plug on each end of the cable into the port on the back of the JVC camcorder and any free port on the PC.

Tip 1. To assure the safety, make sure all the units are turned off before make any connections.

Tip 2: When the USB cable is connected, turning on or off the camcorder or switching the VIDEO/MEMORY(DSC) mode on the camcorder causes malfunctions to the PC.

After connect successfully, power on the computer and wait for the “New hardware Detected” message to display.

Double-click the name of the JVC camera software (like the Everio MediaBrowser) on the computer if the program does not launch automatically.

Click the “File” tab, select “Open” and highlight the video files on the JVC camcorder to download to the computer. Press and hold the “Control” key to highlight more than one file.

Click “Download Files” to copy the video files onto the computer’s hard drive. You would better name a new folder to save the footages.

Tip 3: Do not disconnect the USB cable until notified of a successful transfer.

Tip 4: Once the video is deleted from the JVC camcorder, it cannot be retrieved.

Moreover, after transferring the footages on your computer, you may need to play back the shooting on media player or edit it with some editing software such like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, the most two common free editors. In the situation, the JVC video to iMovie converter for Mac is specially designed to convert JVC video on Mac friendly file formats for editing JVC video in iMovie, no matter which models you own.

Supposed your PC runs on Windows 7, Vista or XP, try to use JVC video to Windows Movie Maker Converter for it can convert JVC camcorder video to Movie Maker AVI or WMV file formats.

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