Best free JVC video editors for JVC Everio MOD TOD AVCHD camcorder

“Which Editing Program is best for JVC Everio HDD Camcorder?” from Yahoo Answers. The users want to import the clips into Adobe Premiere Elements CS3. However, the footage file formats is refused, for the program needs to be compatible with MOV video formats. Do you also come across such kinds of hassle with editing video from JVC HDD camcorder? Read the article, you may find the solution.

Listed the most poular JVC Everio camcorder according to its shooting file formats:

JVC MOD camcorder: GZ-MG630 (60 GB HDD, MicroSD), GZ-MG670 (80 GB HDD, MicroSD), GZ-MG680 (120 GB HDD, MicroSD), GZ-MG130, GZ-MG7230, etc.

JVC TOD camcorder: GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40, GZ-HD7, GZ-HD3, etc.

JVC AVCHD camcorder: GZ-HM30, GZ-HM1, GZ-HD620, GZ-HM300, GZ-HM400, GZ-HM650, etc.

About popular JVC video editing programs:

Everio Media Browser
The most updated version is the New MediaBrowser™ 3, which is attached with Everio GZ-HM960 and the GZ-HM860 for editing the shootings.

Additional Video Editing: Add text, music, transition effects, insert still into movies for editing, easy to save the object being edited, then edit it again!

Still editing functions: clip organization, YouTube upload capability, and DVD disc creation (additional DVD burner required).

Windows Movie Maker
If you are used to editing video into Movie Maker, import JVC video to Windows Movie Maker becomes a problem. No matter which format MOD, TOD or AVCHD file you get, it can’t be directly added into the movie maker. Suppose, you record .mod file format, you can firstly try renaming it to .mpeg-2. Anyway, it can’t alway work. In the case, convert JVC video to Windows Movie Maker AVI or WMV, etc should be a safer way.

iMovie (For Mac users)
Actually, iMovie can support some models of JVC camcorder like GZ-HD10, GZ-HD30, GZ-HD40, GZ-MG37, GZ-MG155, etc. Firstly, check it out by visiting iMovie’11 Comcorder Camcorders.

If you camcorder is out of the supported list, how to handle it? Don’t worry, you can convert the video from JVC Everio HDD camcorder to iMovie DV, H.264 or MPEG-4. So you can edit it into iMovie without any hassles.

JVC Video Editor for Mac
Mac JVC Video Editor allows you to edit the JVC TOD, MOD or AVCHD at ease with rich video editing features like: video trimming, cutting, splitting, joining/merging video. With it, you can also adjust video bright, contrast, saturation, set video resolution, encoder, frame rate, bitrate, crop video to remove unwanted video and merge several video files into one.

Note: The JVC Video Editor, specially designed for Windows users, has the similar editing functions as the Mac version does.

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